Executive Comittee

The executive committee of Bangladesh Jute Association (BJA) consists of 18 (Eighteen) members. They are elected by the general members of BJA every after two years term. The executive committee sit for the meeting once in two months. The meeting is convened by the Secretary being directed by the chairman.

The executive committee is formed and guided by the Articles of Association. As per Articles of Association, there is one chairman, One Senior Vice-Chairman, One Vice-Chairman and 15 (fifteen) members. In the general election there is provision for electing 18 (eighteen) Members. After publication of the result of election the 18 (eighteen) members elect the Chairman, Senior Vice-Chairman and Vice-Chairman. Thus the Executive body of BJA is formed. The Association and the BJA Secretariate is guided and controlled by the executive committee headed by the chairman.  The Executive Committee is the authority for two years term for any decision of the Association subject to the conqurence of Annual General Meeting (A.G.M) in case of major decision i.e. in case of policy matter. The Secretary and the Secretariat is controlled by the Executive Committee headed by the Chairman.