History of the Teachers Training College, Dhaka

Government Teachers Training College, Dhaka

Address Dhanmondi, Dhaka-1205
Location Coordinates: 23°44’12″N; 90°22’58″E

Govt. Teachers’ Training College, Dhaka, is a pioneer, renowned and reputed Teachers’ Training College in Bangladesh situated at the heart of the city in New Market area. In its long 100 years journey, it has been serving with its best to enlighten the students, trainees and teaching professionals of the nation.

Mandate of TTC, Dhaka:

Our Mandate Overall mandate is to improve the quality of Secondary Education. Primary mandate is to provide pre-service & in-service training for secondary schools teacher, working for achieving the quality in secondary education, developing mid level expert in the field of education through education honours program. Another important mandate of this institution is to provide the scope of quality initial and in service teachers, training including B.Ed, M.Ed and continuing professional development for the teachers serving in government and non-government secondary schools and thereby enhance their professional competency.


To support the achievement of National goal to impart quality education to all the citizens of Bangladesh through providing high quality training and support services in order to ensure that all students of secondary schools in Bangladesh receive the best standard of education available globally. We would like to make our college as a Center of Excellence.
To improve the quality of trainee Teachers.
To produce qualified teachers for schools in Bangladesh.
To encourage the teachers of other countries to enroll in the college.
To improve the quality of the trainees of in-service training course and short course (3 month short course) as well as of the academic courses.
To improve the skills of Teachers Educators.

Background and History:
There is an interesting background of its establishment. To improve the quality of education it is not recent thinking. The stakeholders and educators started to think about this from one hundred and fifty years before. In view of that an education policy was introduced by William Wood in 1854 is known as Wood’s Despatch.

The necessity of establishing a teachers’ training college was felt severely when the result of entrance examination was crashed in 1906. The DPI commented in this regards as, “Probably no great improvement in respect of teaching given in high school can be affected until the training colleges are established.” Giving emphasis on this comment two teachers’ training college were setup in the undivided Bengal at that time. One was the in Dhaka and other one was in Kolkata. In 1908 David Hare Training College at Kolkata and Teachers’ Training College, Dhaka at Armanitola in Dhaka were founded. According to the order of Bengal Government Memo no# 53, Education, dated 06-01-2009 Teachers’ Training College, Dhaka was established and started to function from the session 1909-1910 with 12 trainees. Mr. Evan E Bess, an IES officer was appointed as the first principal of this college. In the year 1956, site of the college has shifted to present location from Armanitola.

Evolution of Courses:
From its beginning Bachelor of Teaching (BT) and Licentiate of training (LT) Program were introduced. BT program was of one year whereas LT was of six months. In 1956 BT was transformed into 10 months Bachelor of Education (BEd) program and LT program was withdrawn. Later 10 months Master of Education (M.Ed) and 04 years of B.Ed (Hons) program were introduced.

Courses Offered by the College:
Mainly Two types of courses are offered; Regular and short courses.
A. Full time Academic Courses B.Ed (one year), under National University M.Ed (one year) under National University B.Ed (Hons), 04 years course under National University STC (03 Months) under National University B.Ed (09 Month after STC) under National University
B. In-service Training conducted by the college: Subject Based CPD and ICT training sponsored by TQI-SEP, Training on LSBE under DSHE sponsored by UNICEF, Bangladesh, Disaster Management and Autism.

Basic Information:
No. and Capacity of Staff Members: 57
Equipment and Furnishing: Photocopier, Fax, Computer-80, WiFi Internet and other equipments needed for training. Total Area of Land: 8.25 Acres No. of Building:11 (Academic-3, Hostel-03, Super’s resisdent-02, Principal residence-01, Dormatory-01, MLSS residence-01). Renovation of a new hostel building and a new multistoried academic building are in progress.
Total No. Of Class Rooms: 19 with multimedia facilities and white board, OHP etc Practical Laboratory (Science): 03 Computer Lab and No.: 05 lab containing 80 Computers Library and Books No. :one library consist of three room having 21500 book

Basic Information (Hostel):
Hostel Accommodation Capacity: 1. Male Hostel-320 seats 2.Female Hostel- 240 seats 3.Science Hostel-80 seats +24 seats

Students No. in Regular Academic Courses:
18 Training Total Female B.Ed (01 Year) 600 352 M.Ed 131 73 B.Ed (Hons) 400 166 B.Ed (09 Months) 35 STC 39 TOT 1205 Students No. in Regular Academic Courses Govt TTC, Dhaka by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In-Service Training Conducted:
In-Service Training Conducted TTC, Dhaka has successfully conducted in service training program for the secondary teachers with various projects under MoE. In service training has conducted under NSESDC project, FSSAP project, Promote project and at present under TQI-SEP and other projects of MoE.

College Expectation:
Being a post graduate college, having No. necessary upper level posts like associate professors, professors (Except Principal). There should create new post for uplifting the quality. In the developed and neighboring countries, there exists university of Education. In Bangladesh, it is also necessary to establish a National University of Education. TT College could be the best options for such university.