Message from Secratary

The demand of the situation and the point of time impell every body to march ahead. For an Association like BJA, it was the crying need for opening website. In these days of internationalism the need for website knows no bound.

The feeling of members and members of the Executive Committee for opening website is undoubtedly praiseworthy. During immediate past executive committee of BJA Mr. Tarek Afzal, (the then Executive Member and present Vice-Chairman) was the first proposer for opening website in the name of BJA. The immediate Past Chairman Mr. Sk. Farook Hossain admitted his proposal. But due to some unavoidable reasons we could not make the attempt. Now the dream of the members and Executive Committee of BJA has become fulfilled. The Bangladesh Jute Association (BJA) will do everything possible for materializing the interest of the members. With a view to fulfill the demand of the members, BJA and to coup with the present worldwide communication to remould the jute market, the necessity of website cannot be ignored. I, trust BJA authority has taken the appropriate decision in the right time. The present executive committee deserve appreciation.